5 Things to make your relationship stronger

Everyone wants to have their relationship stronger and everlasting but most of them don’t know how to begin. Some make small mistakes that spoil their relationships, and some do not care for the little errors and end up having heartbreak whole some do their best but are just unable to hold on to the relationship.

The following are a few things that will definitely help you make your relationship stronger and healthy.

1. Always say I love you

This is probably the most neglected yet most important thing to do. Even if you both know how much you love each other, say it, and say it often. It gives your relationship a whole new boost.

The female always loves to hear this and this is all that they want to hear besides. Let’s go shopping!’ so you men out there… this is what you want to do.

2. Study

Yes, that’s right, Study! Study your partner’s reactions, emotions, likes, dislikes, attitude, and whatever you come across because that is what is going to help you make decisions when you buy gifts, give surprises, do conversation, etc, and help you shoot up on your relationship.

3. Compromise

Try to change yourself by compromising. True love is accepting other people just as they are but it’s a whole lot more if you change yourself a little for your lover and try to be how he or she wants you to be.

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4. Listen to what your partner has to say

This can be done in two ways:

(a) Listen to what your partner has to tell you, which could be how the day was spent, what he or she likes, what exciting thing happened, what he or she thinks about something, etc. Even if it does not interest you, just give your partner a listening ear.

(b) Don’t impose your thinking or point on your partner. Listen to what your partner has to say in return before you make a decision. This will help you guys to maintain a stronger relationship.

5. Mind your language

Thinking twice before speaking is a good idea but thinking thrice is even better if you’re already in a relationship. You would never want to say anything or use words that would hurt your partner intentionally or unintentionally especially if your partner is a female because they are more sensitive as compared to males.

So, men, be careful with words if you want to make your relationship stronger. Sometimes, foul language can kill a relationship instead of building it stronger. Practice this and you will see the difference. Enjoy the fruit of this wonderful relationship of love.

Godspower Oparaugo

Godspower Oparaugo is a Nigerian writer and author of Decide Your Future. GPO is an acronym for Godspower Oparaugo, which has been built as a content brand name.

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