5 secrets of how to write a book

Writing is a career made for particular persons; people who are available to uphold it at all times. The secrets of how to write a book look very simple and in fact, you can practice them without much stress. But how to write a book for the first time requires your time and commitment.

Though writing is tough you can do it. Because it’s not too easy for everyone to become a writer, those who struggled to write are called authors. You will be happy to be addressed as an author. That’s why everyone is not a writer.

As there are other calls for service to God and humanity, learning how to write a book is a call. Some are called to be evangelists while some are called to be priests, and some are called to be writers. Some are called to be singers, footballers, etc.

Writing shouldn’t only be considered as a career but a call, therefore, it’s important you know the secrets of how to write a book.

Below listed points can help you answer, build and maintain your writing career call:

1. Read more books

By reading more books, your mind will be opened to what lies before you. It will gradually inculcate in you, the hunger to write your own books, if only you have the call. This makes it possible for you to begin to build constructive ideas on writing. Therefore, knowing how to write a book has become simple for you.

You may not necessarily be mentored by a writer before you become a writer. Those books you read and reflect on are your mentors! It will be impossible for you to become a writer without first becoming a reader unless you want to write TRASH.

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Reading other writers’ books is a sure way to learn from the foundation, how to write books. It also makes it possible for other people to read your own books when you’ve finally written one.

2. Create time for yourself

Time is a very important factor in anything we do. Creating ideas is part of the secret of how to write a book, time is something we must not do without. The quality time you create for yourself determines the quality ideas you would generate and commit to your writing.

This is one of the reasons why most writers have a designated place they call a ‘quiet zone’ where they observe quiet time regularly. The silent zone could either be in your home or any place nothing can distract you. They know that noisy places distract them a lot. Ideas are creations; you create things in quiet zones and not in noisy places.

Though, some writers don’t have designated quiet zones, yet, can still write perfectly. They can write in any environment. Before you write your book, you may have a writing timetable, which would serve as a motivating factor to enable you to continue writing.

How to write a book becomes very easy for you if you can make it your target to write 2-3 pages every day. Through this practice, you would be able to manage your time very well. These 2-3 pages are seen as drafts, and can always be edited to suit the topic of the theme.

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3. Create great ideas

Writers are next to history­; they research and write to keep the world going. Prior to creating ideas, carefulness and concentration are needed. Writers create ideas by positioning their minds on the creativity of their brains.

In the silence of our minds, we create ideas, draft them on paper, waste ink as we draft, edit and re-edit, give others to edit and proofread, then after the ideas are worth publishing and offering to the world as a TREASURE, we spend our monies for the publication.

Do you understand that? That’s what you should do as you explore the world of writing. That’s the reason many think that writing is harder.

Don’t be frightened by the cost of traditional publishing, there are so many independent free publishing platforms like Amazon, Smashwords, Lulu, etc. You can choose one of them, or as many as you can to avoid any excuse.

Before I published Decide Your Future on Amazon and Smashwords, I had first published Wake Up on the same platform in 2018. It was when I had raised enough money for traditional publishing that I published it in 2020.

4. Attend writing seminars

One of the secrets of how to write a book is by attending writing seminars. It can help you build your writing career. It can enable you to exchange ideas and creativity with other writers, especially experienced colleagues.

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If you have the opportunity to attend any writing summit, seminar, or event, don’t hesitate, just go and learn more. If it costs paying for, pay and learn. When you get to a certain level where people will pay to attend your own events, they will pay to learn from you.

Everything is contagious. It may not necessarily be a writing summit or event but any event that supports creativity and human capacity building is worth attending.

5. Make an impact, not profits

As an upcoming writer, don’t focus on making money rather, make every effort to write a unique book(s). If all you care about is money when writing, you may easily fail.

Quite sure, you will make money and become successful but first, make efforts to impact your readers. The more your book is being read, the more money you make.

Your book won’t make money for you when all you care about when writing is money. Begin to think about how to make your book unique and relevant, don’t write trash, then you will succeed.

There is a huge difference between writing a book and marketing a book. Do your best to write good content, you can market it anytime you have the capital to cater to the marketing processes.

Godspower Oparaugo

Godspower Oparaugo is a Nigerian writer and author of Decide Your Future. GPO is an acronym for Godspower Oparaugo, which has been built as a content brand name.

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