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13 Top legit online jobs in Nigeria you can do from home

There are good reasons why you should try legit online jobs that pay whether you’re in Nigeria or in the diaspora. A lot of people especially graduates are jobless and the only way they can survive is by being self-employed.

However, legit online jobs are one of the best and recommended self-employed jobs anyone can do. These legit online jobs are proven to be a relief to many people across the world who were jobless. So, you’re exempted from making cool money from these legit online jobs.

To make it juicy, here are the top legit online jobs in Nigeria you can do from home and make money that wouldn’t expect.

1. Blogging Job

Blogging job is surely one of the best legit online jobs in Nigeria for anyone who wants to make money. It is all about sharing information on a website. Information could be about any topic, that’s blogging jobs for you.

You can choose a niche and start writing but where you lack the knowledge of blogging, you can sign up for training after which you will be guided on how to move about.

You can run your own blog or blog for others. There are people and companies looking for bloggers to manage their blogs for them. Write content and drive engagement on the content. You can search for those kinds of jobs on job boards like Indeed and others.

However, it is more lucrative to start your own blog, grow it and make money. Bloggers earn from ₦0 to over ₦30 million every month. Depending on your niche, number of viewers, and other factors.

You can blog about different topics: food, politics, news, sports, fashion, business, personal finance, relationship, insurance, review, online jobs, and more.

It is cheap to start a blog. You will need about ₦4k for a domain name and about ₦4k for hosting every month. But it is cheaper to pay for hosting for a year. That will be about ₦27k. With ₦31k you can start a professional blog and be on your way to making serious money online.

2. Web search evaluator job

Web search evaluators are people who help search engines like Google and Bing improve their search results to match what people are looking for.

If you have ever used Google, you will see how amazing it is. When you search for something, the result comes out and matches what you are looking for. There are people behind it. Who helps search engines show relevant results and help in overall performance. They are known as Web Search Evaluators or Internet Assessors.

Web search evaluators work online. It is a remote job. All you need is a computer and a connection to the Internet. You apply, take their test and pass the exams. Then you have a job. You are paid per hour.

3 Programming job (software developing job)

This is not just one of the highest-paying legit online jobs in Nigeria, but it is the same in every country of the world. Programmers are in outrageous demand.

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Programming or software development is about creating computer software. People that build digital goods. WhatsApp app is software, Instagram is software, and MS Word is software.

If you are very good in this field, you will have lots of opportunities open to you. I have a friend who lives in Lagos, Nigeria. He is a talented software developer and works remotely online for companies in US and Europe. He stays in his house, turns on the generator, and does his work. Earning over ₦600k a month with a nice car and family.

Remember that Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook, and his peers are software developers. Most of them started their platform from their bedroom, all they had was the computer.

4. Data entry job

A data entry job is one of the legit online jobs in Nigeria that anyone can do to make money. This job involves entering data (information) into a system. It is all about helping a company stay organized.

All you have to do is follow the instructions given to you. Enter data that is required and you earn money. Data could be researching and entering names of companies, dates for events, addresses of companies, lists of competitors, and so on.

To succeed in a data entry job, you should be very comfortable with the computer and you should be able to type fast. Most payments are per hour. You can make anywhere from less than $1 to over $30 per hour from data entry jobs. It all depends on who you are working for.

5. Survey job

A survey job is all about answering questions online. That is all just. Just give honest answers to questions and in the end, you get paid!

You may wonder why someone will pay you to answer questions. Well, companies around the world rely on data to improve and grow their business. Data also involves public opinion and perception. To get this data and help improve their business, they create a survey. And to get people to take the surveys, they offer payment.

All you have to do is join as many survey websites as you can. Take part in surveys and get paid. When you join a Survey website, you should give honest answers when signing up. Because the number of surveys you get will depend on your profile.

Some surveys are targeted at particular regions, industries, and other metrics. You may not qualify for all surveys, but you will definitely qualify for many.

If you are looking for legit online jobs in Nigeria that pay daily, this is it! As long as you meet the minimum balance, you get paid out.

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6. Freelancing job

A freelancing job is all about working part-time online for people or companies on a particular project. You are not really committed full-time and can work with as many people or companies as you can.

If you are skilled in any way, you can find freelancing jobs online and make money. Whatever skill you have, it could be: writing, graphic design, programming, video editing, social media skills, translation skills, and more. People are looking for you on the Internet.

All you have to do is join a freelancing platform, register your skills, bid for jobs, and make money.

This is the best online job for students in Nigeria because it gives them the flexibility to practice their skills, make money and focus on their studies.

7. Online teaching job

If you are good at a particular subject or skill, you can make money teaching that one thing you are good at online. The internet is full of people from all over the world who want to learn something new.

You can teach a language, how to play an instrument, how to cook a particular dish. There are many things you can teach: Business, science, web design, money skills, and anything at all that is worth learning.

There are many ways that you can teach. You can create an online course. Where you outline everything and sell to people online. On average, each online course makes $8000. That is over ₦2 million.

Another way you can teach online is to create your own website. Outline what you teach and why people should learn from you. Once you have students, you can bill them and teach them via live sessions on Skype.

Alternatively, you can sign up with a platform like Tuteria. They will connect you with students that you can teach online and offline.

8. Web design job

A lot of companies and individuals out here on the internet are looking for people to build and design websites for themselves and their businesses.

If you are skilled in coding and building websites, you should set up a website about your services with contact information and get customers.

You can use platforms like Upwork and Fiverr to find customers.

9. Virtual assistant

A virtual assistant provides administrative support to an individual or company remotely. It is like being an office assistant but this time; it is online, not in a regular office. The job of a virtual assistant may include: Writing emails, replying to emails, typing, receiving calls, and more. But all is done in the comfort of your home.

You get paid per hour, weekly, or monthly depending on the agreement. How much you will be paid depends on your profile and who you work for.

There are many websites you can search for Virtual Assistant jobs, they include UpworkRemoteFreelancerLinkedIn, and more.

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10. Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is all about referring products or services to people for a commission. It is as easy as that. You get online and refer products to people, if they buy you get a commission. You are given a unique link to share, once people click on that link and buy, it can be traced to you.

Let’s do some math. Assuming you refer people to buy an iPhone worth ₦120k and your commission is 10%.  You get online and work very hard from Facebook to Instagram, blogs, and forums to promote this product. At the end of the month, 1000 people bought through your link.

That will be 120, 000 X 1000 = ₦120 million. Your commission which is 10% will be ₦12 million! If you negotiated a better deal of 20% commission that means ₦24 million for you in a month!

The key is to identify a product you want to promote and then build a niche blog or social media channels around it. There are affiliate networks where you can find products to promote.

11. YouTube video blogging job

YouTube video blogging job is one of the most lucrative legit online jobs in Nigeria! You can make a lot of money from this job if it goes viral. And you also get famous!

Video blogging is all about uploading videos on YouTube. The videos could be about anything: comedy skits, sports, tutorials, food, music, or anything at all.

Grow your audience and make money from it with Google AdSense and affiliate marketing. YouTube Video bloggers make from ₦0 to ₦50 million every month.

All you have to do is create a YouTube channel. Shoot videos with your phone or camera, upload, share, and make money.

12. Social media job

With so many people active on social media, it has opened up a lot of opportunities. There are many jobs that you can do on social media and make money.

First, you can become a social media marketer and help companies find leads on social media. This is a very lucrative job all over the world. 

You can alternatively work as a social media manager. As a social media manager, your job is to manage the company’s image on social media. You can find social media manager jobs on LinkedIn, Upwork, Indeed, Jobberman, and more.

13. Translator job

If you speak and write many languages, you can become a translator online and make money. You will have opportunities to work for big brands around the world from your home.

As a translator, you will be required to translate documents, audio, videos, and more. There are many websites online where you can find translating jobs such as Gengo, Unbabel, and others.

We will keep adding to and updating this list. Bookmark it and check back in the future.

Godspower Oparaugo

Godspower Oparaugo is a Nigerian writer and author of Decide Your Future. GPO is an acronym for Godspower Oparaugo, which has been built as a content brand name.

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